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I only handle RESPs and the grants involved,  I specialize in helping parents plan for their children’s future to be able to go to college, university or trade schools. How an RESP works is when parents save into the RESP savings plan the government contributes alongside with you. The more saved the more grant you will receive and with lower-income families the more grants are given to a child. The Canadian government is trying to help families of all income ranges.

We are all aware of the rising need for post-secondary education in today’s employment market.  The RESP tax-shelter benefits and education funds that go with them can ensure your child has those opportunities, preventing loans and loan repayment for your family’s future

Appointments can be in person or via video conference with Zoom from the comfort of your own home all you need is a computer and web came

*In January 2019 Knowledge First Financial became the first RESP company to offer online RESP registration and transfers, you can now register from the comfort of your home.


  • Ontario children have up to $9,200 available in education grants and bonds (CESG of $7200, and CLB of $2000.
  • CLB $2000 bond are free grants and bonds and do not need you to save into the RESP to be eligible to receive.
  • Knowledge First Financial (KFF) is Canada’s leading and largest RESP company, providing safe, affordable and strong growth RESPs for families for over 50 years.
  • If you have an existing RESP and see the value of a not-for-profit KFF managed RESP we handle all the transfer fees.

Please let me know if you are interested in receiving these government funds as I would be happy to organize opening your RESP savings account for your family. Once opened your child will receive the eligible education grants and bonds available.

To book a meeting or RESP registration:

Direct line 647-641-2093 (call or text anytime)

My aim is to educate families on the Canadian Education Grants and Bonds and in all things RESP,  I’m dedicated to helping you every step of the way and making the process quick and easy.

What is needed to complete an RESP:

  • Valid ID (Driver’s License, or Passport)
  • Your SIN numbers as the RESP is your Tax-Sheltered account (We always encourage both parents to be on the RESP if possible but it is not necessary), if you decide to save one working parent needs to be on the RESP.
  • Child’s SIN number (If you do not have it you have 19 months to update the RESP with your child’s SIN)
  • If you plan to save into your RESP you will need to know the details of your account you wish to transfer the savings from (Transit # – 5 digits, Branch # – 3 digits and Account #)

*No bank details are needed if you are opening the RESP to attract the free grants.

It is never too early to save with an RESP. Every year, 60,000 students further their education after high school with an RESP from us. It has been my pleasure over the years to help families with their RESP needs and my door is always open.



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