Gecko Tags (Personalize Stickers for Your Kids Stuff)

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Cute Dishwasher Safe Labels – Cute Daycare Labels – Cute Waterproof Labels – Cute Kids Name Labels – Set of 48

What makes GeckoTags different than other labels?

DISHWASHER SAFE: Depending on your dishwasher model and settings, GeckoTags can last up to 15-30 cycles on the top rack. However, we recommend hand washing to extend the life of your labels.

STRETCHY & DURABLE MATERIAL: The material used for GeckoTags is stretchy and durable. This is ideal for labeling items that are not perfectly flat. You can put them on sippy cups, bowls, etc. and the labels will stretch to conform to the shape of the item.

STRONG ADHESIVE: We use a special adhesive for our labels. It provides a super strong hold but also leaves no residue when removed.

THIN OVERALL LABEL: Lots of waterproof labels are really thick and over time the edges can catch dirt and stains. GeckoTags are different! The combination of the material and adhesive makes for an overall thin label. This helps keep edges from lifting and catching dirt.


Customization Options:

We are able to put any name on your label as long as there are no special characters. Please note that the longer your name is, the smaller it will appear on the label.

Please select one of three colour options for your labels.
Option #1: Pink & Purple
Option #2: Blue & Green
Option #3: Rainbow Mix


Each order comes with 48 labels. Each order includes 6 different designs. Please be aware that designs are not customizable. Each order will ship with 8 of each design with no substitutions. Designs included are shown on the first image in the listing.


All of our designs are available as either a Stick On Tag for smooth, hard surfaces or an Iron On Tag for clothing. Check out our shop page for more! 

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